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39. That is the age that I am today- an age that always seemed so far off in the future.

As I enter this last year of my 30s, I look back in awe and gratitude on what was the most difficult, and ultimately the most wildly transformative decade of my life. I ended up nowhere near where I thought I would, and exactly where I was meant to be. I would not change a thing, not a single gut-wrenching moment.

Throughout this journey, I have had the most mind-blowing, life-altering experiences that cracked me wide open; singular moments that changed everything. I have met the most amazing, gifted souls, fellow seekers with hearts wide open, committed to making a difference in this world. I have been so fortunate to discover a practice, a way of life that cultivates peace, love and joy on this earth. And I have been so blessed and am so grateful for the beautiful friends, true brothers and sisters, that walk beside me on this path.

My life gets more and more rich as the years pass, and this last year of my 30s is going to be one for the record books. I fully intend to blow it out of the park. In humble gratitude to all of you who have influenced, supported, shared and celebrated in this journey with me.



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The world is living through a lot of tumult at the moment: governments falling, economies teetering on the brink of failure. As if that global drama is not enough for us to deal with, it seems that this turmoil is also playing itself out, albeit in a much more minor and somewhat ridiculous way, within our yoga community.

Lately, there has been one yoga controversy after the next. This week the controversy was about the New York Times article labeling yoga as “dangerous.” That one kicked up quite a firestorm!

And most recently, the one that is currently swirling around and in which I have found myself front and center, is the controversy of the Equinox Sex.. er, I mean Yoga, video.

I first saw this video last week when it was posted on Elephant Journal. I was immediately captivated by its raw beauty, by the absolute grace and poise the yogini displayed as she skillfully and mindfully moved between the challenging and complicated yoga poses. For me, this was watching art in motion.

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