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You are standing at a crossroads. To the left is stability, responsibility, familiarity. Society expects you to go left. Your parents expect you to go left. You expect yourself to go left.

To the right is the unknown, fear, uncertainty. Most people think you would be crazy to go to the right, and you know that you are not “supposed to” go right. Society would certainly not approve. Yet there is a yearning inside your heart. Despite the fact that your head, your logic, your reason all tell you to go left, something inside your spirit is tugging you in the other direction.

So which way do you go?

If you are brave, if you are courageous, if you are valiant, you will go right. For he who walks boldly into the face of fear, trusting that which he cannot see, knows that he will be rewarded with the true bounty of the Universe.

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